We’ll help you with:

  • Develop an effective strategy
  • Maximise leads and ROI
  • Build brand awareness
  • Learn important new skills
  • Measure your successes
  • Focus your marketing activity
  • Enjoy our completely bespoke training services.
  • We create a training programme to suit your needs based on your business, your goals and your existing expertise.
  • Gaining the expertise to make social media work for you will save you time and resources and you’ll actually start generating valuable sales and leads!

Which social tactics are the most effective?
How do I best engage my audience?
How do I measure the return on my social media marketing?
Which are the best social management tools?
How do I find my target audience within social media?


General training in social media

Create a solid grounding in the relevant social platforms. We’ll help optimise your profiles to create the best possible first impression before looking at a content and interaction strategy. This may focus on a particular platform or a combination based on your business and goals and will help you manage your own social media presence.

Facebook advertising

Paid media spend is important on social media and Facebook advertising is likely to play a vital role in generating brand awareness in sales, especially for consumer-facing brands. We’ll help you master Facebook’s ads manager platform, enabling you to optimise campaigns and see the ROI for yourself.

LinkedIn training

LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful tool for building a network and generating leads, especially in B2B businesses. We’ll assess your goals and current network and build a strategy as well as studying the functionality of the platform. Sessions can be delivered on a one-to-one or one-to-small group (up to 12) basis and usually take a couple of hours or a half day. We tailor sessions for the beginner, intermediate and advanced individual and groups. More on LinkedIn training.

Twitter training

Twitter is the most underused, undervalued and misunderstood social media tool. It’s a great tool that if used right, can be bring huge exposure to your company.

Google AdWords training

Google AdWords is a powerful method to drive high-quality traffic to your website. Search marketing qualifies your audience differently to social media marketing and this means it can open up a significant new audience for your business. Our AdWords trainers work alongside you to set up and optimise your AdWords campaign to help bring in new leads every week, giving you complete control over your ongoing budget.

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Our social media training can provide you with an appraisal on your current and potential social presence as well as ideas on content and strategy using the necessary social media platforms. Competitor analysis is also incredibly useful, as is a look at contributing marketing efforts such as blogging and email campaigns.

Social media coaching

Coaching typically consists of an initial training session followed by a combination of management hours and ongoing support on a weekly or monthly basis. The coaching period lasts as long as you require to feel confident you can take your marketing activity in-house. The programme is flexible around your needs and can include a combination of face-to-face training or Skype and online coaching.

Social Media Audit

Social media audits are becoming increasingly popular as companies invest more and more resources into social media marketing. Social media can be utilised as a key driver for business growth, but knowing how isn’t always easy. With an array of platforms and tactics at your disposal, it’s difficult to track where you’re generating results and how you should spend your time. Let’s see how you can measure your current and potential impact on social media as well as saving time and money in long (and not so long!) run. Consider your social media audit as an investment . Maybe you’ve not yet fully committed to social media marketing. Perhaps you want to know exactly what you stand to gain from investing in Facebook adverts, Twitter content and LinkedIn lead-generation – this is a smart move. This kind of practice is very common in other industries in order to minimise risk and maximise return on investment and it is something we are increasingly seeing in the world of social media.